Huskies wrap up their undefeated season 10-0 in last night’s win

Posted 8:46  AM PST

By: Tyler Myerly

CORONA- Last night Centennial High School defeated Roosevelt High with a game ending score of 84-14. This win sealed the Huskies’ season 10-0, an undefeated season.

Within the first half the Huskies had put up 77 on the board and only allowed seven points. However by the start of the second quarter, much of the team’s starters were pulled, allowing time for the rest of the Centennial roster to get playing time.

QB Carter Freedland was out of last night’s game, which was the first game we saw just one of the team’s two quarterbacks start for an entire quarter. In the first quarter, Ala Mikaele was 11/13 for 184 yards, and had two rushing touchdowns himself.

Gary Bryant dominating on both sides of the ball, offensively with 112 receiving yards in the first half alone. Bryant also contributing to the numerous interceptions the Centennial defense had last night.

With regular season coming to a close, both the team and the fans are ready to embrace the playoffs. The Huskies know how difficult their potential matchups can be, but Coach Logan and the players don’t seem to be too worried.

Everyone is ready for Week 1 of playoffs which begins next week. Who the Huskies will be facing however, is still unknown.

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