Husky Spotlight: Gary Bryant

Posted 11:41 AM PST

By: Tyler Myerly

CORONA— Junior wide receiver Gary Bryant has been making moves for Centennial’s football team, on offense, defense, and special teams. Before the quarter-finals matchup against Rancho Cucamonga, Bryant had 83 receptions, 1,639 yards, and 23 touchdowns in his career.

Bryant has been a phenomenal part of the Huskies’ offense. In the first game of the 2018 season he had 9 receptions for 265 yards, helping set the pace for a long season ahead.

Even though he was out for two weeks due to an ankle aggravation, that didn’t slow him down at all. Gary leading the offense in yardage and when you include his defensive and special teams’ touchdowns, he leads in total touchdowns this season.

The fact that it is only his junior year gives him more opportunity to “get bigger, stronger, and faster, so I can play at the next level,” Bryant said. The next level of course, still undecided. With 16 offers so far, Bryant has options.

Football programs like Notre Dame, USC, Washington, Nebraska, and Florida all want Gary Bryant. “I’m looking for a family, you know. Anyone that welcomes me in and treats me good,” Bryant said.

So, what sets this receiver apart from the rest? Bryant plays both sides of the ball, and when he has the ball he executes. He knows the mindset of a defensive back. “My mindset is, if anyone lines up one-on-one with me, I have to win,” Gary said.

This Centennial offense truly benefiting from Gary Bryant’s place on the team, and they get to utilize him for another season. With only a few potential games left in the 2018 season, Bryant intends on making every play count and getting his team to State.

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