Matt Logan reflects on 22 seasons as Head Coach and what continues to bring him back to Centennial Football

Posted: 11:00 am PST

By: Tyler Myerly

CORONA– Matt Logan wrapped up his 22nd season as Head Coach and in his time he has compiled and incredible record. One State Championship (2008), three Southern Regional Championships (2012,2014,2015), 10 CIF Championships, and 16 League Championships.

His success isn’t just reflected in his teams’ success either. Logan has received over 35 coaching honors himself and deservingly so.

During his tenure, over 130 players have been awarded scholarships to play after high school. No matter the division, athletes have gone on to play in college and those that made it to the NFL still owe some of their success to Matt Logan.

Many players make it a point to recognize Logan’s ability to teach them much more than the game of football. For example, how to be responsible and accountable young men. Logan, a father to only daughters, continues to shape these boys as if they had been his own sons.

It is his style of coaching however, that many of the people within his organization attribute their achievements. Logan’s coaching has been described as “meticulous” and “OCD”, and that large amount of detail and repetition is what breeds success.

Matt Logan is returning for the 2019 season and still has the same love for the game as when he first started. “One of my favorite quotes is ‘If you choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” Logan said.


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